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Tragbare Waschmaschine für Zuhause und unterwegs

Tragbare Waschmaschine für Zuhause und unterwegs

Tragbare Waschmaschine für Zuhause und unterwegs

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Mit dieser effizienten tragbaren Ultraschall-Waschmaschine können Sie Kleidung und Geschirr jederzeit und überall problemlos waschen. So sparen Sie zu Hause und auf Reisen Wasser. Die Ultraschalltechnologie hilft, Sachen mit minimalem Wasserverbrauch und schnell zu reinigen.


(Geringer Stromverbrauch; gut für Kleidung und Geschirr)



(Hohe Leistung; am besten für Geschirr, gut für Kleidung)



Stromversorgung: USB/keine Batterien
Stromspannung: Gleichstrom 10V
Leistung: 6W
Artikelgröße: 90 * 90 * 40 mm / 3,54 * 3,54 * 1,57 Zoll

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lourdes Melendez
Portable Washing Machine for home & travel

Excellent! I loved it & it is great for you small stuff that needs quick washing. Really works like a machine.

Not much Exciting

For small things to wash!

Pleased with purchase

Got despite the bad reviews and am pleased I did, works great for dishes. This and all the similar gadgets have some pretty bad reviews but I was desperate and don't want to spend $400 on a counter top dishwasher right now. So I took a chance, not expecting much and this turned out to be a good decision. I filled the container I have with a bunch of small but very dirty food cups. These things take forever to scrub by hand and still come out feeling not fully clean so I've just been letting all dishes pile up. This is a great time saver. It somehow does work to do the heavy scrubbing for you. You need to rinse them after, obviously the water doesn't get magically clean that they wash in. Some need a light wipe down as well, especially if it's a item that got nestled in another. But this is tons better than the intense scrubbing I would have had to do. My second load was a bunch of plastic containers and lids. It worked well but they tended to nestle together a bit more than the cups. Washing none fitting together items obviously will work better. Like your dinner dishes.
I also threw a dirty metal dog bowl in. It got it clean of food but did not remove the calcification from past hardwater use, which I didn't expect it to but seems worth mentioning. Bonus it also deodorizes the plastics even ones I could not get smell out of by soaking and scrubbing before. The only down side I have is the suction cups just aren't strong enough. The vibrations make it slowly move to the top and I need to rush over to push it back down to stop water splashing. I will try to find a solution, maybe a giant clamp.
It is also noisy but it's not terrible. I have not used for clothes since I do not need it for that. I was also very liberal with the dish soap and used only hot water. This still did way more than soaking without the washer in it ever has.
So recap is if you only need to lightly wash dishes then this may not be for you since you still need to rinse and sometimes lightly wipe the dishes. However if you need to really scrub and deep clean things then this is great and saves time. Does the major work, removes odor and did also get rid of any greasy feeling.

Tips. Be liberal with the soap so it really suds up and use hot water. Don't go to big with the container. You may need to find a better way to keep the washer in place on the side.

Elena Hill
Bought it as replacement

My washer died and a new one couldn't be delivered for a week so instead of going to the laundry mat I decided to give this a try. It works perfectly for lightweight items. I found a small tub added warm water, detergent and a few clothing items. The water circulated and sudsed up and the clothes appeared to be clean. Did it work like a $1000 washing machine? No, but it did the trick to get us through until our new washer could be delivered. I definitely recommend it!

David Dehner
Tried it recently

I got a machine, I already tried it in work, of course, not for large things, but the little things wash well, I bought for trifles, I did not throw it 4 Modes

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